A beginners guide to online slots

July 17, 2010

The online slots world is just as competitive as any other online industry – perhaps more so  as real money is at stake for the winners . Thus, beginners at online slots would be sensible to read an online slots guide first before diving into the online slots world to play.

Factors to consider

1. Casinos Online   – There are many online casinos   All online casinos are different  , so you will need to decide if the online casino is a legitimate venue to play online slots in. If you have doubts that the virtual casino you have signed up for is legitimate, then back out as soon as you can before placing any significant bets. It is fairly simple to check for the legitematacy of an Online Casino, just look for the accreditations or use an approved gambling portal to find a list of trustworthy casinos to play at.

2. The type of slots  game – When  searching for an online slots game to bet on , it is necessary to consider the number of reels and pay lines offered. Like in regular  land-based   slots, the  higher the number of symbols that appear on the display, the more likely  that you will lose . This is because the more symbols there are, the less likely the  possible combinations that may crop up… if they do crop up however, you are likely to win  a larger amount .

3. The size of the jackpot – any casino (even a virtual one)  makes its business by raking in as many bets as they can , and paying as little winnings as is legitimately and legally possible. If lots of people  win at online slots, it is possible for the online casino  to post losses – and  like any business   that posts losses will eventually be driven out of business. So if you are angling for a large jackpot all the time instead of smaller winnings, the odds that you will win will actually  be smaller.

4. The free gambling chips amount offered – like the size of the jackpot, if the free casino bonus  amount is rather large, you can wager  your chances of having a win will be smaller. Imagine if everyone won the free  bonus amount, then what would happen to the online casino? Unless of course, the online casino has very deep pockets and can afford to shoulder huge winnings by many online slots players.

Payment options for online slots

If you are going to play online slots you had  better be ready to have plenty of funds at your disposal to pay for your spins , as well as the appropriate means of payment . Some accepted forms of payment for your bets at online slots are:

1. 900Pay
2. Bank wire transfer
3. Citadel
4. Money Transfer
5. Firepay
6. CentralCoin
7. NETeller
8. Credit cards – be careful about  which credit card you use for paying bets online. There are credit card firms who forbid using their product or system for paying for gambling transactions , so you might wind  up violating your agreement with the credit card company if you do this. Some popular credit cards used are Diners Club International, Mastercard, and Visa .
9. UseMyBank
10. Gaming Card
11. Click2Pay

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