Best Living in Luxury Slot Machine Game

June 18, 2011

Living in Luxury hosts a 3-reel, one pay-line and double coin slot machine~slot game~online slot~online slot machine}.

The game boasts a random, multi logo & the best pay-out is sixteen hundred coins. The Living in Luxury Online Casino icon is random and replaces any other insignia to form victorious combinations. The living in luxury online slot  game is also easily mastered by any internet casino wagerer

One Living in Luxury insignia doubles the pay-out of any mix it completes. 2 Living in Luxury motifs quadruple the pay out of any aggregate they generate.

Living in Luxury Online Slots Guides

All sports car enthusiast this casino games is for you, you will enjoy the icons of this sports cars such as Ferrari 360 Modena Not only Ferrari fan can enjoy this Living in Luxury video slots, it is finest reel online slots. This online slots is based at the most famous slots games of all time-Double Diamonds from IGT . Learn to play this slots at many gambling directory
Many people who have been following internet casino in the past 10 years, Knows tha Double Diamonds is well known for being the 1st online slots to have multiplier iconsIn this online slots of Living in Luxury, means palayers have a wild icon that multiplies each won which is part of
The famous wild icon is the Living in Luxury logo plus the Ferrari car Putting all this gives you the maximum jack pot of one thousand six hundred credits Obtaining only 1 as part of the winning arrangement doubles the win. Obtain 2 and your prize pay out will be tripled This is the reasons, why this online slots is so famous, The payouts are really good.

The Micro gaming have not yet done much work on the theme of this exciting casino games. Except from the main wild icon, the other icons are bars and cherries 2nd maximum pay is two hunderd tokens for three 7’s If you can manage to hit it with 1 or 2 wilds, this will pay you four hundred or even eight hundred tokens All the other wins can be between hundred and four

Living in Luxury is also a two coin max wager online game which suggests it is a good online game to play if you are either completely new to classic slots or have a small money.


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