Bonuses From Online Bingo Sites

February 5, 2011

Today I intend on speaking about welcome bonuses that you get from online bingo sites when you make your first deposit. Many sites speak about bonuses and sadly a lot of the information they give you is false.

For those of you who do not know what a welcome bonus is, I will quickly explain. You will get a welcome bonus credited to your account once you make your firs successful deposit at a bingo site.

the amount that you get from a bonus differs between the sites, but playing at a well known brands means that a 200% bonus is likely. As far as bonus money limits are concerned, these are normally limited to a hundred pounds, because the bingo sites do not want to part with too much money.

However, all welcome bonuses have terms and conditions attached to them and it is important that you realise this. Most importantly, you cannot cash bonus money out, you can only buy bingo cards with it.

If online bingo sites allowed players to cash out their bonus money immediately after they receive it, then they will go out of business very quickly. Basically with deposit money, you can play with that and do not have to deposit any money of your own.

You will be able to cash out money that you may win with a bingo card that you used the bonus money to buy. You will not be playing with your own money, you will be playing with the bingo site’s money, so you will be at no financial risk.

Also, there are some wagering requirements that you need to meet up to before you can cash any money out. This isn’t normally much, it is usually three times the bonus money plus your firs deposit.

You don’t need to lose this set amount, just wager it. Therefore, if with every game you win some money you will be contributing to these wagering requirements.

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