Deal or no deal goes online

December 25, 2011

If you are a fan of game shows, then you would certainly like the concept of adopting game shows as theme for scratchcards and money games that offer instant wins. Just like other scratchcards games, the games inspired by game shows additionally give immediate win. There’s no waiting time when you are gambling those games; after you have scratched off the panels you would learn if you have won or not!


This is the same notion that works for the Deal or No Deal Instant Wins game virtual. Though not as grand compared to the other games that offer millions of prices, this game offers a respectable £100,000 for the player who are able to locate all six panels that match the jackpot. In this game, you should be given a card that contains 22 numbered panels. The panels conceal all the prizes shown on the left and the right hand of the screen. Keep in mind that the same range are able to additionally be concealed in more than one box. Just below each show prize, you may observe the row of gray squares and this might indicate the variety of boxes that contain the said quantity you need to open in order to win it. As an example, if you want to win £25,000, then you ought to open 5 panels that contain the same quantity.


Just such as the real game show, there’s a Banker who will offer you the possibility to trade the box that you have chosen. If you are planning to play the game, preserve in mind that the stake is fixed at £2. Just press ‘Play’ and you are ready to start. If you can’t decide, you are able to count on ‘Auto Pick’. This is an excellent take on money games that give prompt wins. Play this game and relieve the common game show!

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