Dirty Bingo and Adult Toys – Do they go together?

July 19, 2010

Bingo has long been defined by bizarre naming where individuals in Bingo halls worldwide invent side-splitting and often ribald calls for selected numbers. It’s one of several classic and enduring characteristics of the widespread game of probability, so much so, males and females from all areas of life stake their particular reputations on their particular Bingo call-ability!

The online Online bingo sorority, however, seems to have acquiesced for the mundane norm of straight number calling, produced in an electronic format. Pundits lay claim that with the grubby money up for grabs, Bingo calling should rather be considered genuine. Careless and amusing Bingo number names happen to be put on the back burner on the internet and exchanged by the serious acquisition of enormous progressive jackpots – where is the a good time in this?

There are also surprising claims of chauvinism, bigotry and almost every ism you can think of in land-based Bingo calling. The number eighty eight, as an illustration, has long been known as as ‘Two fat ladies’ or ‘wobbly wobbly’, for the reason that the rounded shape of the number is reminiscent of a buxom, corpulent woman’s form. Just how can that be sexist or questionable when worldwide stats prove obesity is on a substantive upward trend?

The letter eighty can be called in a number of ways including Ghandi’s Breakfast as he ate (8) very little ()! This Bingo call has allegedly raised the ire of Indians the world-over who think the late political and non secular thought leader of India has been rather roundly cheated. The reality of the topic is Ghandi did fast for long periods of time as both a way of protest and self purification and, let’s admit it, he was obviously a tiny, runt of a guy!

Quite frankly, Bingo without traditional Bingo calling is a bit of a bore, so we’ve selected a handful of calls which are surely well worth passing to the next Online bingo generation.

24 – Did you score? 34 – Dirty whore 56 – Was she more than worth it? 69 – That’s impolite 72 – Set for a poop 86 – Dog’s Dicks

When you among the Bingo brethren that rather fancies a bit of lewd entertainment, there’s been a rather feisty Bingo spin-off of late – Filthy Bingo – a game where racy innuendos are the norm and adult sex toys are up for grabs. Come on guys, lighten up and call for the return of regular Bingo calling, even if it needs to be carried out by an invisible character.

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