Discipline In Poker And In Life

June 9, 2010

Discipline is important in basically all aspects of life.  The same is true for poker.  Interestingly enough, it can be applied to numerous areas of poker.
First off, if you play too many hands either due to boredom or just wanting to be in the action, you can expect to lose money.  You must be disciplined and play only the proper hands.
Second, you must be disciplined enough to recognize when you are in a game you should play.  Time and time again I see a young
hotshot play in games where they are clearly the worst player.  Because of this, they end up losing their hard earned money.  There are also situations where you shouldn’t play in a game simply because you aren’t playing your “A” game.  When you find yourself not paying attention to everything going on, it is probably best to quit.
Third, you must be disciplined enough to not spew away your poker winnings on other things.  Just because you have a good session
doesn’t mean you should spend that money on clothes, food, or parties.  You must also be disciplined enough to not develop one of the numerous leaks that plague great poker players, such as casino gambling or drugs.
As you can see, there are numerous areas where disciplined must be applied to poker.  If you look at your game, I am sure you can
find some aspects of it that are lacking discipline.  Once you notice these flaws, you can correct them and be on your way to becoming a world class player that actually holds onto their money.

An important application of discipline is in your preparation and training BEFORE you get to the poker table.  To become a great poker player, you need to have the discipline to work on your game.

One of the best ways to improve your poker game quickly is to watch poker training videos from professional poker players.  An excellent place to start is to watch a training video from poker pro Jonathan Little, which you can find for free at www.jonathanlittlesecrets.com.

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