Four Unconventional Online Bingo Games for Your Consideration

July 17, 2010

While the conventional bingo games are definitely exciting, there are even more interesting variants that can be even more challenging and exciting than the traditional ones. Here are four example to view.

Bonanza bingo is the first of the more unusual bingo games. Bonanzo bingo is different than regular bingo because of (gone) cards there, the place that the numbers would have been picked at random in regular bingo are not placed in a closed card that the players ‘buy’. After that, the winning numbers are declared.

The first example of these non-conventional bingo games is that which is known as bonanza bingo. What sets bonanza bingo apart from conventional bingo is the involution of (sold) cards here, where the numbers that would have been randomly drawn in conventional bingo are now contained in a sealed card that the players ‘purchase.’ The winning numbers are then announced (after having been drawn before game started), and then the players asked, after checking the contents of their sealed poker cards, who among them has the bingo (winning combination). 

The game starts after the lot are drawn.Then, after checking their concealed cards, the players ask which one amongst them has bingo. This is yet another combination that could win you the pot.. If no one has the winning combination, more cards are sold and the jackpot increases. That’s how you know you’ve got Bingo. requested one more time.   This goes on till someone gets the bingo,during the process a lot of cards are sold and the prize money goes up to dazzling heights.

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