How Does Keno Work

January 12, 2011

The standard  version of keno is played using a circular glass  ball with numbered balls in it. The keno balls  inside are numbered from 1 to 80. In a land based  casino these balls are sucked into a tube to reveal the winning    numbers. At an online casino a    number generator picks the various numbers and the draw process is then animated to simulate what happens in a regular casino.

When the game starts you get a blank keno card which they then need to populate when you play keno game. The players can choose any combination of  1 to 15 numbers in total. Thereafter 20 balls in total are drawn    .

In some of the casinos  these draws happen at specific  times regardless of whether or not you are looking to place a bet. At online casinos the machines  would only draw the numbers after  you have finished placing your bet. So the action will move along at the pace you want it to while  you play online keno. So you never need to wait for those scheduled draws.

There are a number of different  pay-tables at different casinos and you will get paid according to the number of matches you have with the balls  drawn from the machine  . You would be able to place different sizes of wagers at the start of  every new  game and then your bet size gets multiplied according to the payout tables. 

Depending on the casino you play at you might run into some interesting pay-tables when you play casino keno and these can vary quite a lot  . These then often have different house edges and different bonuses if you hit certain amounts of matches.

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