How to play and win at online poker

July 19, 2010

Simply by playing online poker you will not get to an optimal system . However, an optimal playing strategy will lead to optimal playing tactics . The reason for this is that a focus on strategic issue tends to maximize the chance for win. Without maximizing opportunity, you can’t maximize profit .

<strong>Here’s how you can beat the game by maximizing your opportunity :

  • In tight poker games you must stay and observe, most tight players are tight in terms of their initial hand selection . They don’t play many hands but once they decide to play a hand, they are often committed to it and you should raise with the most of the hands that you will be playing, with a strong hand just limp in intending to reraise. With the weaker hands, you should often limp with the intension of calling if you’re raised.
  • In loose poker games you might have more players calling every bet, even if you start with the best hand having six players calling a bet there is a large chance that one of them will beat you. At a loose table it’s not unusual for the best hand at the flop to end up second best by the time the hand is over . In these games you should raise less often with speculative or gambling  hands, these hands depend on volume pots.
  • In passive poker games your patience is going to be put on test. For some types of players passive games can bring their own form of frustration (boredom) . Passive players are often distracted; they tend not to pay attention to the game, and they don’t have any strong reaction to what’s going on around them. You might find yourself easily bored in a passive game , and you might begin to try to grab people’s attention by excessive aggression with your chips when playing live. That  can cost you. A passive player doesn’t bet or raise on most hands but will tend to call . This type of player is called a “calling station”. It’s better to look for calling stations at your table but avoid being a calling station . Is best to act after a passive player because they don’t raise much and the information value from playing after them before the flop is good.

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