How To Play Roulette For Longer

December 5, 2010

Roulette is a game of luck. Sorry to to disappoint you  , but it is just a fact. If you want to make sure    that you do pick up more  wins along the way there are a few things you should do to make sure you don’t lose money unnecessarily  .


The first thing we would like to share is that you would need to approach the game with  some strategy at least  . If you just place random bets you are just not thinking  , but just throwing money  into the water . There are a number of different  strategies that you would be able to find in no time by making a few quick searches    . Find them, study them and try them out . You will learn how to play roulette in a  whole other  way.


Do not play American Roulette. Play European roulette. It is a simple case of sensible maths . With the European roulette wheel you effectively cut the house edge in half  when compared to American roulette. Nothing difficult  about that tip at all. It is just a better choice and the best online roulette option too  .


Take on the Martingale with some degree of caution  . The Martingale betting system is a very popular system where players would double their bets after losing  . If you win you go back to your original bet and in theory you will make a small profit as a result once you hit that win . There are however some problems if you don’t hit that winner . It can quickly spiral out of control and if you don’t have the bankroll  to back a fairly long losing streak you might run out of chips  before you hit your next win. Try it, but at own risk.


Only play with the money you can afford to lose. Casinos are supposed to be for entertainment and fun . Never play with your last few dollars hoping to get lucky . You might, but then again you might put yourself in more trouble . Play only if you are playing for fun and the  thrills of the game. Otherwise, walk away. The same goes for online roulette gambling where it can become very easy to get carried away .


It all sounds simple and straight forward, but sometimes     easy to forget. So you need to think before gambling and always stay in control.

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