How to win at blackjack

November 2, 2010

The key to winning at blackjack is to knowing your blackjack strategy odds. A little luck also does help. Basically, not busting and beating the dealer, is all you need.

How does one find the proper measure, let’s say the dealer is showing cards 2-6. The dealers’ under card has a high probability of being a 10, giving them anywhere from a 12 to a 16. These are great totals for you as a player because they are bust totals. Meaning the dealer will hit on any of these numbers.

As described above, this also provides the player a chance to double their bet, ideally the player should have a total of 8,9,10 or 11.  Doubling down is explained further in another article.  (click here for details)

Odds, blackjack like all other casino games has odds, the house or casino always holds the edge. How else do you think cities like Las Vegas, Atlantic City etc. boomed can afford all the fancy hotels and lights.

Blackjack odds are the best for the player of all casino games. The fact is when you are playing blackjack the player has the ability to change their style, and wager to fit the environment of the game.  The best method to do this is to play with strategy, with a clear mind.  A good memory and math skills also helps a ton.

The main goal is to lower that edge that the casino dealer has. This can be done by using the blackjack strategy matrix given in another article. Using these rules increases your odds by 2-5%. Basic strategy is derived from probability and mathematical calculations so there is always a chance that you can go on bad runs.

A few golden rules — never bet more than you can afford and decrease your bets when you are on a losing streak, increase when winning.

Some essential tips:

    * ALWAYS split eights and aces
    * Never split cards that start with ‘f’
    * If Surrendering is available (generally not) then do so on hands of 15-16 against dealers showing a 10 or an ace.
    * Double- 9 if dealer has 3-6, 10 if dealer doesn’t show 10 or ace- and 11 if the dealer does not show and ace
    * Insurance is for suckers, so don’t use it. In the long run the edge goes to the casino.  Unless you understand card counting or your playing single or double deck casino, avoid insurance at all costs.
    * 17 is a stand total when the dealer shows 7 or less
    * Stand on a hard 13-16 when dealer shows a 6 or less

Always remember to verify the casino rules before sitting at the table. If you want a excellent blackjack strategy component to help you with your game, then please

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