Is Playing Online Slots Right For You?

July 27, 2010

If you are an avid slots player as I am and have played at an online casino you can probably imagine of a hundred great reasons why it’s better to play slots online than at any land based casino. However, for those who need some convincing or for those who have yet to venture into online gambling out of fear or any other reason, sit back and take in the information you are about to read about why playing slots online is just plain wonderful !

I have been gambling online for over eight years and I have never been ripped off, cheated or had any of my banking information jeopardized . Consequently , if safety is a worry and is keeping you from savoring the technology and convenience of gambling online, rest assured there are hundreds of online sites that are well worth your time and money . Slots online are much different than land based casino slots, not the artwork or the style of slots but the convenience and ease of game play is the big difference. Of course the free money that you get for slot play from lots of online casinos which you would rarley ever get from any Las Vegas casino! So let me list my top five reasons why I believe online slots is a pastime you should not miss if you love to play the one armed bandits!

1.    Have your pick! – Have you ever gone to your local casino and walked around and around and still could not find that one slot you love to play open? Or have you waited and waited for someone to get off a slot machine that you are dreaming of playing just for them to sit there for hours ? Well that dilema does not happen when you gamble at online slots! Any game you wish to play, at any hour of the day is always available to play, always! No waiting, no hunting , just click the mouse and you’re at your game of preference .

2.    Coin size does not matter – When playing the slots at your local casino you would need to leave one machine and locate another machine of a different coin size when you want to increase your bet size . But when playing at online slots if you’re playing for quarters and want to play the same slot machine but at a one dollar per line bet instead, all you have to do is click the “up” button on coin size and you’re there! So much easier than walking a mile around a casino having no luck finding what you’re searching for !

3.    Bonuses, Bonuses, Bonuses! – Online casinos offer players bonuses all the time to entice them into coming over and playing their games. Some casinos even give weekly or daily bonus codes for players to implement when enjoying their slot games . This is how online casinos keep their customers coming back and playing at their gaming establishment . Land based casinos will offer comps like free dinners or hotel stays to get their players coming back but because an online casino doesn’t have that type of luxury to offer they instead offer the next best thing or the better thing as far as I am concerned and  that’s free money to gamble with!

4.    Personalized game play – If you don’t smoke or if you do smoke, playing at home with your own comfort needs met without any rules is priceless . For those non smokers you don’t have to be moved to a little section of the casino to enjoy your gambling time, and for those who do smoke you are not limited to where or when you can smoke. What about alcohol ? Isn’t it much better to drink while gambling without having to drive? Nuff said.

5.    Free Chips – Many online casinos offer new players free chips to gamble at their slot games allowing you to enjoy their games without it costing you a cent ! You can actually win using these free chips and make you a winner before you spend any money at any casino.

There are lots of reasons why I think online slot play is so much better than local casino slots. But everyone has their own preference and your reasons may be better than mine! But if you have never tested online slot play don’t miss out on a wonderful opportunity to get a relaxing night at home with the one armed bandits and some lady luck!

Happy Gaming


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