Is Poker Bonus Essential?

December 22, 2010

Lets discuss a bit if there is any point to start chasing poker bonuses and what bonuses are available  . And a little bit about  poker software.

Bonuses, which are paid to poker players in addition to Rakeback, are definitely worth chasing, but do not start relying on them. Classic „bonus abusers“ monthly profit is about $600. At the same, some pro players who do not pay attention to bonuses, earn about $3,000 per month! In addition to freerolls and poker bonuses, online poker rooms also offer other ways to earn money – „Bad beat jackpot“ which awards the players if they lose the hand with four of a kind or better(using both pocket cards). This is divided by the winner, loser and the other players also get something out of it. „Royal Flush Jackpot“ (paid to people who get Royal Flushes). Bad Beat Jackpot can go up to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Sometimes online poker rooms offer bonuses to players which rewards them for playing the most hands  during a certain period of time – it can be money, material prizes (mainly electronics but there have been cars) or opportunities to take part  in a freeroll or a big live tournament. To increase your profit it is beneficial to use poker software, most popular one is Poker Tracker statistics program (should definitely buy – costs about $60). This helps the player to see played hands, preflop raise percentage and other statistics about other players  . Thanks to that you can analyze how skillful the player is, what style is he playing  and thanks to that you can modify your own style  . People who play too many hands  are in general beginners and without having the  perfect cards every time they will eventually lose  , to you or to someone else at the table. Players who are too agressive tend to mostly bluff and frightened players are easy to bluff out. Choose what you want  – it is a essential investment!

Players often have one question – Why play poker myself? Why not invent a program which does it for players ? Sadly i have to say that these kind of programs or bots have been developed a long time ago but in reality you never see them in bigger online poker rooms because they have built counter-measures . Some online poker rooms promote themselves as „absolutely robot-free“ rooms, perhaps they have been in trouble because of the „bots“?

Bigger rooms like Full Tilt Poker or Cake Poker have not had any problems with „poker bots“. If something like this would ever happen at a poker room then they would lose reputation rapidly. No such thing like 888 Poker Rakeback could exist just  because they couldn’t afford to pay their players bonuses and rakeback. Rest assured that nowadays we will not have trouble from „poker bots“ as the counter-measures are very efficient.

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