Latest Cutesy Pie Video Slots

February 24, 2011

The cutesy pie slot featuresan extremely cutesy theme with lots of love hearts and soft ‘n cuddly panda bears. This slot game machine is very easy to get intoand is perfect for beginner gamblers. Cutesy Pie offers some hefty pay-outs. Cutesy Pie is a 3 reel, single pay-line & 3 coin online casino slot machine game. There are no random logos & the maximum pay out is two-thousand-five-hundred tokens. NB: Successes are paid out on the highest mix only. Any malfunctions erase all plays and pays.

Flat Top notch Slots   pay-out

Flat tops are slots games  which have a number of   jackpot. These online slots machine games often   provide a strong   mixture of betting   odds and pay-outs . If one play progressives, you are turning down regular wins for the possibility at the top slots pay-outs . That is not the case with flat top 3-reels and video slots game. Finest pay-outs online casino directory can find non-progressives all over the internet which still have top end payouts. These give   you a realistic chance of winning , but are amongst the finest payout slots online of their kind.

The resal Flip Flop video slots This video slots game is a five reel, nine pay line casino game The maximum bet on this slot game is hundred and twenty five thousands token The’re many editions of this famous Flip Flop video slots game.Delux video slots games
Extra editions are five reels & nine pay lines, even thoug this might includes diverse alternative For example, we have ninety token edition of this video slots game Flip Flop slots, which has payback of two hundred and fifty tokens An additional alternative is one hundered and eighty token slots game

Lastly one can sometimes find unusual three hundred editions, which posses twenty thousand This Edition of this video slot game All editions of this video slots All editions of this video slots Has the famous flip flop casino bonus video game If three up to five frog scatters icons become visible on the monitor reward casino game is generated.

Secure Internet Casino Guide

We are doing our utmost to presents finest internet casino reviews of well trusted and secure internet casinos. As we all know the is no warranty that each gambler will enjoy his or her time at this internet casino. We’re not over viewing this internet casino, we provide the best and correct information about their bet, ranking and payouts and we name them for the benefit of gamers. We furthermore get site visitors from around the globe; if playing at an internet based internet casino is illegitimate in your jurisdiction, we request that you stick to your local laws about the issue.

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