Mahjong Games Against Players or AI

May 24, 2011

Unlike fruit machine or on the web slot games the very old Chinese board game of mahjong requires skill, patience and determination. Because all mahjong games have a ancient background they are, despite many versions and adaptations, still preserving the secret principle of their origin. Now you have the chance to play this exciting game online.

You may have already noticed, in case you did some study on-line, there are quite some different versions of mahjong games available. There are solitaire mahjong versions, mahjong for mobile devices, mahjong you can gamble as flash variation in your web browser, and so on. Rather than just playing it against a AI or machine, this game is perfectly suited to play with a group of up to five people. Thanks to the net, it’s not easier than ever to locate a group of gamblers for some interesting on the internet sessions of mahjong.

While waiting on the internet, some online gamblers discovered the mohjong variant of gambling against the counter until completing the tiles, at least as a game to play despite of the fact that waiting for other online gamblers.

There are times however where you might have no time to go online and look for opponents or take part in at mahjong tournaments or competitions. There’s a solution for that, too. If you’re already a mahjong fanatic or if you just like the historical Chinese icons of the tiles – you might play mahjong scratch cards, too. Yes, that’s right. In the globe of on-line scratch card games you may find literally all types of themes and games! Fantasy, adventure, movies, cartoons, TV shows, casino games – sheer endless variations are available. Already curious; why don’t you give it a try then?

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