Omaha Poker Strategy

July 23, 2011

To start this off lets quickly look at rakeback. Rakeback is something you get from the online poker room after paying tournament fees or rake in cash games. This fee is the tax for arranging poker games. It is simply the most important thing when starting with online poker as it will maximize your profits or help you get breakeven when you have a bad month. There is no excuse to not sign up to a room without rakeback, it’s just not right.

Omaha poker is more complex then  Texas Holdem. Omaha is quite unique on every limit  , you should being from the smaller stakes  . Instead of getting dealt two cards like in Holdem, in Omaha you get four cards  . Holdem and Omaha maybe do not seem so different but in reality Omaha is more complicated  .

In Holdem you can use either one or both of your pocket cards but in Omaha you can only use two of your four pocket cards when making the best poker hand. You can only make a flush when you have two of the needed suit in your pocket  . If you have Ks-Kc-Ah-Js and flop is 2h-3h-9h you cannot make a flush. When you have K-K-2-7 in your pocket and board is A-Q-J-T then you only have a pair of kings. If there is a set on the board you need to have a pair in your hand to make full house. If you have A-Q-9-7 and the board is A-Q-6-6-6 then you have three sixes with ace high. If the board is 2-2-T-T and you have A-T-3-4 then your hand is three of a kind, tens.

When figuring out the starting hand strength then it helps if you divide them . Out of all pocket hands you can have six combinations . 9-8-7-6 gives 9-8, 9-7, 9-6, 8-7, 8-6 and 7-6. Everything is connected so the combinations are perfect  . Good starting hands give more draws, like a flush draw or a straight draw or both at the same time. The perfect hand would be As-Ts-Ac-Qc because you have two nut flush draws, full house draw, straight draw and quads draw. Biggest difference between Holdem and Omaha is that in order to win you most likely will need the nuts or something one step down . Opposite to holdem, in Omaha you pretty much always need to have the best possible flush to win, ace high being the best possible . You basically need to play pocket cards which provide you with the best chance to make the absolute nuts. It’s quite simple actually, „Just play the nuts“!

Omaha is not the most popular game in online poker but it is very strong and the bigger online poker rooms are home for regular Omaha players which makes winning harder  . Since bigger rooms are full of regular players it is best to look for Noxwin rakeback deal or the other good choice 888 Poker rakeback VIP program because these online poker rooms provide rakeback or cashback and also have a lot of beginner players at Omaha tables.

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