Online Kalooki

February 9, 2011

Sign up for a real account at the Rummy Royal casino and claim your $5 no deposit bonus when you have validated your contact information. Click on banking section enter the necessary information and use the coupon 5WELCOME and the money will be credited to your account. As soon as players make a deposit you are eligible for as much as $200 percentage match bonus furthermore all new depositors are asked to a one hundred dollars free tournament which takes place weekly on a Saturday night.

The objective of Rummy games is be the first to discard of your hand of cards which you can do by picking up and throwing away playing cards, while creating your remaining cards into ‘hands’ like in poker so the melds can also eventually be discarded for points. Consequently you can win a round or tournament by getting the most points or you can win if you are the only one left playing without exceeding the elimination level.

Rummy Royal has all a rummy enthusiast can ask for including well-liked traditional rummy games, different rummy game types like Oklahoma Gin, Burraco, Cannasta, Okey, Mahjong and the tiles version Rummykub™. There are fantastic special offers as well as some very generous initial deposit offers, tournaments, a weblog, instant chat, live help and for those who have not played Rummy you can learn to play using demos and then play for fun or for real. You can also play a popular version of online Rummy Kalooki at Rummy Royal which is much like Rummy and like Rummykub, features Jokers as wild cards to add some additional excitement to the game. When playing Kalooki 40 before you lay down your meld it must reach a total count of 40 and you can only pick up a card from the discard pile after you’ve placed a ‘hand’ on the table. Similar to standard Rummy games there are two ways to win in internet Kalooki 40, either by going out or going Kalooki. In Kalooki 51 you have to have a meld count of 51 if you want to lay down your cards.

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