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July 10, 2010


The game Craps is believed to come from the game Hazard, which was founded around 1125 AD. This game is believed to be invented by the Englishman, Sir Williams of Tyre during the overtaking of a castle called Hazarth or Asart, therefore the name of the game is corruption of the name of that castle. But there is another theory for the game origins , in Encyclopedia Britannica it is written that Hazard came from Arabic words ‘al zar’ or ‘azzah’ which in english means “the dice” and so this suggests that Hazard (later Craps) is an Arabic game .

After its invention the country of England fell in love with the game , frequently mentioned in the Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer and played by the Englishmen through the years . Sometime in the 1600’s or 1700’s the French took up playing the Hazard and its believed that they changed the name to Craps, using a corruption in the name given to a losing throw of 2 when playing Hazard, known as ‘crabs’.

Later the game arrived in America through the French Louisiana colony of Arcadia. It was later simplified and turned to the first version of craps in 1813 by Bernard de Mandeville of New Orleans. With these changes the game start to spread in the United States of America and became popular through the rich men. But the Mandeville’s version of Craps had a major flaw – it was vulnerable to to the use of fixed dice to its betting rules, this problem was fixed by John H. Winn who introduced the possibility for players to bet ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ in the layout of the craps table event included a space for ‘Don’t Pass’ bets. With these changes the flaw was eliminated and the game – revolutionized .

Over the years the game of Craps became more and more popular . The soldiers of WWI and WWII played the game relentlessly as a form to entertain themselves. . Even movies were using the game in their story lines as casino craps took over the gambling word.

Around the 1990’s the game wasn’t so popular due to the large variates of gambling games and slot machines in the casinos, but recently the popularity of Craps has gotten bigger and wider and so this game with centuries of traditions will hold a major place in the gambling world .

If you are ever interested in learning how to play the game of craps you can always approach the dealers and ask them on your next trip to Las Vegas or Atlantic City. There are plenty of online craps lessons as well.

One other thing to consider is you might think about Managing your Money wisely while playing craps. There are some good Craps Money Management Systems out there, or ask the Dealer the next time you decide to play, but most importantly have fun.


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