Play Roulette For Money – A Quick Guide

December 29, 2011

Roulette is one of the most popular casino games played both off and online. The popularity of roulette comes mainly from its attractive payouts and wide choice of bets.

The following is a list of the tips and most common mistakes made by players when playing roulette.

You should also consider reading this handy Play Roulette for Money Guide before playing for real money.

Stick to European roulette

If you’re going to risk your money, you might as well chose to play European roulette which offers the best winning odds.

European roulette is the variant that offers players the best winning odds because the casino edge on this game is only 2.7%, better than most casino games.

Understand Roulette Strategies

We all dream of an effective strategy that will improve our chances of winning more often.

Martingale, Labouchere, Pivot and D’Alembert are some of the most best-known roulette strategies, and despite the fact that these strategies are not 100% effective, these represent a great opportunity to gain a better understanding of the probabilities and winning odds of roulette.

By taking the time to understand the maths behind these strategies, you can effectively prevent common mistakes, make your sessions more fun and improve your chances of winning.

Take advantage of Even Money Bets

Examples of Even Money Bets are betting on red or black or Even and Odd numbers; these type of roulette bets have attractive winning odds of almost 50:50.

Although they pay less than other bets on the roulette table, they are a fantastic way to stretch your money and play for longer without running out of cash.

These type of bets can also be good for wagering money towards earning a roulette bonus but note that even money bets can often be exclude from roulette promotions.

Check out this quick Play Roulette for Money Guide for more details.

Stay away from American Roulette

If you live in the US you will find that sometimes American roulette is your only choice of roulette at the casino.

In the online world, however, this is not likely the case. The ‘problem’ with American roulette is that the casino has a greater edge over the players, around 5.26% which is twice as much than European roulette.

This means that you can expect a lower return, so stay away from American roulette whenever possible.

Don’t buy Roulette Systems

In the off-line world the ball is spun around the roulette wheel producing a random result; in online roulette the same occurs but the outcome of the game is determined by a mathematical algorithm called “Random Number Generator” which simulates real-life randomness.

If someone knew there was a way to win every time at roulette for sure they wouldn’t be selling it to you. Roulette systems are an absolute scam, they do not work in the long run and the only people getting rich over night are those who sell these systems, not the players.

Bet smartly

Roulette offers many different betting options, each with a different probability of winning and payout.

Keep in mind, however, that if you place a bet that has a high payout, you will have very slim chances of winning; if money is tight, you should avoid placing these type of bets.

If you’re feeling very lucky you may want to place one of two single number bets, but don’t go too crazy or you will quickly find your self bankrupt.

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