Players Gain Holiday Cash Through Bingo

March 12, 2011

Bingo halls — physical and virtual — should see a lot of activity in the next couple months as people try to make a little money before the upcoming holidays.

The business of earning and spending, in any fashion, climbs around Christmas time, and this year, as the country pulls out of a deep recession, people have a little extra money to spend than in recent years. However, while better, many are finding that their budgets still aren’t high enough to make their friends’ and family’s Christmas dreams come true.

With its fun and easy availability (members can log on anytime), online bingo provides the perfect opportunity for shoppers to fulfill their holiday shopping lists. Much like how stores and restaurants offer deals and freebies to drive more people through their doors during the holiday season, so do free bingo sites. Tournament pots are being raised from November through December, and more sign-up incentives are in place, like £20 worth of free games and deals for referring friends.

Festive-themed games are also becoming player favourites, where scoring on a Christmas pattern — a snowflake, a tree, a candy cane or a stocking — will earn extra points, prizes or gift certificates to department stores.

Even traditional bingo halls are getting into the spirit, offering gift vouchers or giving part of the pot to charities or those in greater need. These local meetups work as a mixer for players to share their stories and even a meal with their community, while engaging in a light-hearted holiday game.

And bingo is not only for adults. Children’s games are also spreading into schools, community halls and holiday parties as a method of stimulating listening skills and get kids interacting in a less-strenuous competitive environment.

A jump in bingo board game sales would not be a surprise either, since the game’s popularity gains this holiday season.

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