Slot machine games competitions – how to win

August 15, 2012

In order to entertain existing online players and of field to published draw the attention of new visitors towards an internet casino tournaments are being taking place for the greatest online casino games. These tournaments may be being held for pokies online, classic card or table games and so on. They duration of such tournaments varies, but the finest ones, where the users have a chance to gain a holiday package, a cruise, or some additional leading prizes, are able to last for weeks or even months. Whether you the same as slot games, low bets and remarkable winning opportunities, than slot tournaments are just right for you.

One of the a lot of prestigious and common slot games tournaments is known as Slot Survivor. The reward pool of this exciting contest exceeds £150,000 and the primary prize offers an unforgettable trip to the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Monaco worth £20,000. During this tournament the users compete every week against each other and the best online games offered are offered.

Like in previous years the aim is to collect and accumulate as dozens of competitions, or comps points, as possible to secure a high rank on the tournament leaderboard. To collect points the participants and online players have to handle every week pokies games, slots or video slot machines. The score should be calculated and evaluated for each game and displayed on a tournament leaderboard in real time.

The Slot Survivor tourney has been the a lot of well-liked of its form and is already in his 4th year running. Naturally a lot of visitors are keen to show their capabilities and betting strategy against human opponents and the fortune to gain amazing prize packages or bonus cash.

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