The benefits of using a poker assist program

August 2, 2010

As the third party poker software continues to progress, a select few products have not only survived, but thrived within a super-fast changing business. Holdem Indicator is one of those products, and arguably the leader in the empirical poker calculator segment. The product and business is based on super fast programming as well as an exceptional support staff, apparently available during poker hours.

The software, like all Indicator products is essentially divided into two main area of information, both of which are cleverly and neatly viewable in the main screen. The first characteristic is accurately displaying a players pot odds when in a hand. It’s a visual scale which decsribes the ratio of how much a player will have to call compared to the size of the pot. Then there are also win odds. This figure is certainly more abstract, but attempts to show the likeliness of your hand being the winner at the river. Both of these scales combined together are really valuable. You can also switch between the main stats window view to see how much of a likelihood your hand has to improve to certain other hands, such as two pair, a straight, flush, or full house. The other main characteristic of the software profiles your opponents for you instantly.

Now how do we know what kind of player you might be playing? Holdem Indicator monitors important indicators of your opponents actions so you can make more desirable choices at the table. For example, the quantity of hands he has been at the table and how many times he has voluntarily got mixed up in a hand. How often has he raised Preflop? What are his betting, stealing and folding tendencies.? Holdem Indicator also tracks how often a player goes all the way to the river, and what his winning percentage is when he gets to showdown. A player’s session results are important too, as how much he has won or lost while playing can effect his aggravation level and if he is vulnerable to errors – in other words – Tilt.Now that is a significant advantage over your competition. If you have a program like this, you can play more tables, and not worry about missing a thing. The information will be there ready for the next time you need to refer to it when you’re in a hand with a particular player.

The developers of this poker software also recognize that each player has particular tendencies as to how he wants to view that data, as well as how many tables they are comfortable in playing concurrently. Given that, Holdem Indicator can be manipulated to resize the standard horizontal format to fit the poker table, or can be minimized or even adjusted to a vertical view. Each time a user opens up a new table, another instance of the software will be opened.

Recently the software had a significant upgrade which allows for a HUD feature which overlays a users poker table. In other words the data normally shown within the main window of Holdem Indicator is now right by the opponent ON the poker felt itself. A HUD or head-up display is created so that the user does not have to take his eyes away from the table. With this new update, users can switch back and forth from the HUD or any of the other displays, even while in the middle of a hand.

Holdem Indicator executes its capabilities quickly by accumulating data from the chat area and the table itself. You dont have to do anything except use the information it provides.


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