The best thing about online poker.

June 8, 2010

All of the Casinos and Poker rooms charge a nominal cover charge per hand when you use and play in their online poker rooms. This nominal charge is known as “rake”. But you can earn back a big portion of this rake, if you look around and manage to get best rakeback offers. Usually if enter into a rakeback affiliate that promises to give back 30% of your rake, your rake supplier will return that amount from your monthly rake at the end of the month or week as specified. If you are not signed up for such an offer, you will end up losing the chance of earning hundreds of dollars, disregarding of you being expert or a unskilled poker player.
 Rakeback offers are a major technique followed by online casinos to increase the sites traffic and to retain their loyal customer base. While many of the poker players are sceptical about being offered money in the form of rakeback, it is an easy trick to hold back the players by rewarding them. This way the quantity of players never goes down and many even players are retained back by the online casino .
Rakeback offers are in marketing parlance a complete win-win situation. By giving back a portion of your rake, everyone wins. The casino site, the cash back site where you signed a rakeback offer and unquestionably you.
Online poker rooms advantage:
They get to not just retain their players but they also prevent the transfer of their players to their challenger or competitor’s site. A rakeback offer is very comparable to that of the customer rewards and offers given away by retail marketers. It gives the advantage of both retaining the customer and to bring in new players through additional referrals.
Poker Rakeback Offer Site Advantage:
Most of the online cashback sites don’t advertise their offers. If a player wants a rake deal he has to sign up through any of the poker affiliate site which will lead him to an online hold’em room. The online casino websites offer these rakeback offer sites a percentage of cash back that they get from any of the player they refer to these rooms. Most of this percentage is offered to the player directly. So the rakeback sites make their money by receiving a few percentage points of a player’s rakeback, but the biggest affiliates have thousands of players, generating tons of dollars in cash back.
Player Advantage:
The player is obviously getting a huge advantage and getting back money just because he knew to sign up through proper channels. Those who sign up directly at the online casinos miss out this opportunity and in turn ton of profit.
Rakeback offers are total advantageous to all those who are involved. You need to know the right online hold’em room to sign up the right deal and in no matter you will receiving extra money just because you thought of signing up a reakeback offer with them.

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