The importance of self control in online poker

July 28, 2010

Self control is one of the most crucial thing for any online poker player who wants to become a professional poker player. But, even if the theory from the book is well known by many good players, most of them fail do as they learned . I suppose that the need for revenge and to be able to take your many back is a factor which increases the hate feeling and indirectly the tilt mode.

Many players tend to be very aggressive with poor cards when in tilt   and some times they just not realise this factor. It’s like the stock market, when your stock’s decrease and you expect them to double in a very short time, but 90% of the times it doesn’t. For me is very hard, even if I’m self witting of my poor poker decisions after a number of two or more bad beats on ring tables. I know that if I’m not going to stop playing I will lose all my bankroll, I am aware of the theory , but sometimes I just can’t stop playing the game .

Why? Well just because I need to prove  myself that my poker skills are  better then my opposers, because I want to recover my money and show him that in the long run I’m a better  poker player with the knowledge and patience to be able to win in  the end.A good poker player after a major bad beat leaves the table and takes a short brake in order to put his thoughts back in line . Sometimes, even if I’m facing a fish it is a little bit tricky to push the poker hands to extreme (loose aggressive), because I might get caught bluffing even if my opponent has nothing but a king high card and because of his inexperienced play that forced him to pay all my raises blindly.

The bankroll management is important, I need to protect my money, I`m like a father to my bankroll . How do I protect them ? It’s simple: when I lose I just take a break  (even a day or two), and if I win I try to play as much as I can keep my concentration awake.

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