The most popular types of online gaming

July 3, 2011

Gambling online is one of the most popular form of entertainment today both for free or for real money games and there are a couple of them which were only Just lately offered online such as mahjong or scratch card and so many people don’t know how to play them in on the internet or even land based version.

One of the most favoured free and real money virtual games is Mahjong. Having said that, many gamblers don’t know where this exciting game comes from. While Mahjong was originally a well-liked form of gambling in China, today most of us know Mahjong games as some type of a solitaire game, where the aim of the players is to remove all game pieces from the board by finding their matching pairs at the end of lines. The first Mahjong game was played in China with cards as a game of chance requiring skills of calculating and strategy building. The game set consisted of 152 cards or ivory tiles based on very old Chinese characters and symbols and players needed to attract or discard tiles in the course of the game to achieve specific winning hands making use of their 13 tiles and the 14 ones from the board.

Secondly we need to mention an additional popular type of game primarily played for real money with the chance of winning huge amounts of money: scratchcard games. scratch games are certainly one the most recent profitable invention of the online gambling industry. The basic concept comes from a computer scientist known as John Koza and a retail specialist Daniel Bower, in 1974. before that time, acquiring a lottery card meant choosing some numbers and waiting a few of days for the published draw to see if you’ve won or not. Koza and Bower recognized that players wanted more instant games while wagering a small amount of money and quickly seeing the results. The purpose of scratch card was to bring the option of instant winning and it turned out as a great success.

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