The Tells People Give Online

October 16, 2010

Online tells are clues to how good or proficient your online poker opposition is.  They’re signs that you can “read” so you can “tell” how good at poker your opponents are.

Online tells are different from Face 2 Face poker tells.  Evaluating your oppositions skills is more difficult in online poker than Face 2 Face poker.  In brick-and-mortar poker rooms, poker tells are typically visual as you can use your eyes to observe your opposition.  You can see your opponents raise an eyebrow, smile smugly, visibly fidget, or do any one of the physical gestures that come under the category of a poker tell.

In online poker, however, poker tells are not as easy to come by.  You can not see your opposition so you must rely on all other types of poker tells – the so-called online tells – when playing online poker.

Always Waiting for a Flop

As you go through your game, you can observe your opponents’ behavior.  A player that is forever waiting for the flop is someone you could have for lunch.  He is blatanly not very experiences and lacks caution, and will more than likely have to re-buy poker chips!

Always folding

If a player is always folding even with relatively strong hands, then you can imagine that this opponent is a very deliberate poker player who does not want to waste his bets and hence bets only when he is quite sure of a win.  If such a player suddenly goes for the flop, you’ll know how to react; chances are high that this player has a strong pocket hand so you’ll probably be wise to fold if you have a very weak hand.  You can also probably quite simply bluff this player; by acting like you have stronger hands than you have, if you want, you could easily induce him to throw his cards to the poker tables.

Deviation from Typical Behavior

Match your opponents’ behavior to their hands during the game.  If a player, who has always put in small wagers or checked when able, all of a sudden raises and bets like mad, lookwhat cards he has after showdown.  If his betting and raising frenzy was initiated by drawing a good card during the game, then he will probably do the same thing the next time he gets a good hand.

Of course, you would need to observe this player for a few more rounds before concluding for or against.  Some players are cunning enough to lose a hand just so they can be unpredictable.  Once you are fairly certain that your player inevitably bet crazy after hitting a good hand, you’ll know to back off the next time that the same situation occurs.

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