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July 10, 2010

There are many websites that have best sportsbook review out there today. They all state the rating they have on their website is the best one. Some say they examine sportsbooks regularly, test their customer service and qualities to compile their rankings. Other ones just do not explain why they put bookies in the certain order. I will uncover a small secret behind those ratings and present you with official rating of top bookmakers.

So, how do they put together those rankings? What features do they use to put together the list of best bookies? I will tell you. They base it on affiliate commission they get from those bookies. Whoever pays more get the top spot. Easy, right? One of examples would be top sportsbook review and forum website called SBR. Check what type of bookmakers it put in the top 20 of its rating! Most of them are offshore bookmakers located in Costa Rica or other offshore heavens. Internet forums dedicated to sports betting are full of complaints linked with these bookies. Even SBR forum has some, but they still keep these bookies on top. Why? Because they pay them big time affiliate commission to the owner of the website. I would not surprise if they pay half of what punters, who come from SBR site and register, lose at these sportsbooks to the website owner.

Just to give you an idea. You probably heard of Bwin brand. They are sponsors of Real Madrid and AC Milan football clubs. Well-known and technologically one of most advance online bookmakers out there today. SBR ranks it C-. And let’s look at bookmaker called BetJamaica. It is ranked A+. Just take a look at both websites and you will get an idea what I am talking about.

SBR is just one of many examples I can talk about. Go to google, search for term best sportsbook and out of all websites you will barely find any that explains how they put their rankings together. But when you hover over bookmakers links, you will see that these are affiliate links and once you click on it, register, place a bet and lose it, you will immediiately make some money to the website owner whose link you clicked. Anyway, you should really care about it since you jsut try to find the best sportsbook. And, probably, you won’t find the best one since all these reviews follow one simple goal – make money. Unless, you stick with an official review.

Have you ever head of EGR Awards that take place every year in London? Or EGR Power 50 report, which is also updated once per year? Both of these reports are organized by a well-known magazine called eGaming Review Magazine. This magazine independently evaluates all the bookies and ranks them on many factors such as technology, marketing, innovations, etc. This is probably the only source of official information regarding sportsbook rating. The rating you can trust. Check latest EGR best sportsbook  rating now.

Remember I mentioned sportsbook called Bwin and how low SBR rated it? EGR ranked it top for past two years. And there are clear reasons behind it. Bwin brand is everywhere. Its site is superb. It is  improving its services all the time. But, to be honest, have you ever heard of BetJamaica?

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