Why are online Scratch Cards so popular

December 9, 2011

Why are we wasting our cash on lottery tickets that may never win?

 Why are we wasting money on fuel to go to the shop to purchase lotto tickets?  

Why not get a lottery totally free? 

From time to time I wonder why I don’t win the national lottery.  It’s becasue I don’t play it!.  There are a couple of reasons why I do not buy tickets but the main two explanations is the cost and the physical act of having to go and buy a ticket.  I thought that with the internet shopping that we have there has to  be a easier way to win money and I was right!…. free scratch cards.

One day I wassearchingthe internet and searching if the web sellsinstant win scratch cards and I found them at almost every casino and bingo site and sites that tell you who is giving free casino chips. Not like the lotto instant win scratch cardsthat you obtain at the shops, online scratchies pay out instantly and are cheaper and sometimes free.  With the internet it is way more convenient and effortless to findscratchiesand they are sometimes given to you for free. 

There are two ways to access online instant win cards one is web based where your browser supports a plug-in on your computer and as I said before lots of them are on the house.  Another means to buy tickets is downloading the bingo software and installs it onto you computer.  In my opinion I don’t like to download the casino software because occasionally it canbog down my computer and youcan not tellhow trustworthy it is.  The internet has many of scratchies and scratch lottowebsites to choose from.  It is fine to sign up to lots of them because they take less than 5 minutes to join and they are free of charge and fun.
You are usually offer bonuses when registering at online bingo sites so a lot of players try to set up several accounts on a casino or bingo website, don’t do this. Beware of registering multiple accounts because it is fraudulent.  If you are caught and you will be found out most sites will freeze your player account and may report you to additional online gaming sites.  In my opinion there is no reason for anyone to create multiple accounts it is ethically wrong plus it is simply harm you in thelong run.

With good judgment and programs like Neteller internet scratch cards are in actuality harmless.  
 If players do not desire to risk your cash playing high risk games do not fret scratch cards is theway to go with sites that offer a free gamble. With lotteries players have a better chance of being struck down by lightning two times! Playing internet scratch cards players have a much greater possibility of winning some free money.  Online scratch cards are the answer to an instant win.  They are sometimes free, reliable, easy, fun, and the greatest thing is that you have a greater likelihood ofgetting a win.

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