Win Big With Your Own System. It’s Easy!

August 15, 2012

What is the ultimate way to develop your own horse racing system? Honestly, there’s no best way – you will find there’s way – but it must sound right for you personally.

First thing you need to do is write down a certain objective. I would like to win lots of money is not specific enough.

Here’s built to be far better: I wish to make $500 each day betting horse racing picks for sprint distance horse races at XX race track.

What you have done is to narrow down your expectations and figure out the method that you prefer to reach that goal. The next thing you need to do is get a variety of old racing forms, a pen and a lot of notebooks and begin backtracking. (I’m assuming you’ve selected the purpose of earning money betting horse racing, because you know something regarding this.

In case you are clueless about horse racing, you should become knowledgeable or perhaps your long-term plans will fail).

To find past results for old races in america and Australia I prefer You simply must evaluate no less than 1,000 races with this experiment to be valid. Ensure you consider the same track, and the same distance. This may add a firm base on your data mining experiment.

Next, you have to know what trait many, if not all, of the horses that won those races had in common. What number of horses finished 1st within their last race? What percentage increased in class? What percentage moved down classifications? What percentage had had carried less weight? etc.

You’ll want to build out about 10 -20 items of criteria to measure against each other. When you do this you will begin to see a picture appear detailing what traits most, or perhaps a good area of winning horses had.

Now you should take that data and back test that again. See what your win percentage would be, and how much your ROI would be. ROI means return. As an example if in the long term, betting $10 per race, I bet on 200 races and collected $3,000 in winnings, my ROI would be 50%. Or for every dollar I wagered, I’d expect to get a return of $1.50 on average.

Many “expert” players toss that number around to sound smart, but don’t know just what it truly means. Basically APR like in your bank is the same as ROI. Should you put money an Bank X offering a CD at 3.5% interest…your ROI is all about 3.5% less fees etc. So no, it’s not an unknown number and do not let horse racing system sellers throw it around like it means over what it truly does.

Which means you repeat these steps so that you find your niche betting system. The one that you already know and, feel safe using, which it shows an excellent ROI. Remember also, ROI means in the long run. Don’t expect to produce $1.50 every single time you try it at the races. This is gambling and yes it does involve risk and losing and winning streaks.

Be wise. Bet smart.

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